Cannabis Delivery Methods: Innovations and Trends

The cannabis industry has witnessed a surge of innovation in recent years, particularly in relation to delivery methods. With laws and regulations around the world beginning to change rapidly, the ability to consume cannabis in new and varied ways is opening up new opportunities for both consumers and the industry in general.

This article aims to explore some of the latest innovations and trends in cannabis delivery methods; from advanced vaporizers, transdermal administration systems, and controlled-release capsules, to the growing number of products available in the market today. In doing so, we will take a closer look at the ways in which each of these methods work, and what the future might hold for this rapidly expanding industry.

Vaporizer Technology

Vaporizers come in a variety shapes and sizes, and have been extensively used for years in the tobacco and essential oils industry. Recent technological advancements have also made it possible to use vaporizers to consume cannabis. These devices use heat to warm up the cannabis, causing the psychoactive components to vaporize before the plant matter itself has the chance to combust. This allows for a purer and cleaner smoke, and is also much less odorous than traditional forms of smoking.

Further technological advancements have now seen the development of ‘smart’ or ‘connected’ vaporizers. These devices can be linked up to a smartphone via Bluetooth, and can be controlled remotely, with some even boasting of being able to deliver specific dosages of THC and CBD.

Transdermal Systems

Transdermal systems of cannabis administration are a relatively new trend in the market. These systems are based on what’s known as a ‘patch’, which is applied directly to the skin, releasing a steady stream of cannabinoids into the bloodstream. This form of administration is particularly useful for those looking to discreetly medicate, as it doesn’t produce any of the tell-tale signs of consumption, such as smell.

Research into transdermal cannabis administration is still in its infancy, although some initial studies have suggested that it could potentially be an effective way of delivering both medical and recreational benefits.

Controlled Release Systems

Controlled release systems work in a similar way to transdermal systems, in that they deliver a slow, steady release of cannabis into the bloodstream. However, the major difference with these systems is that the user is able to program how long and how much the release is. This makes them particularly useful for microdosing, as the user can set up smaller, more consistent dosages, without having to consume large amounts of the drug.


Cannabis-infused capsules are a relatively new product in the market, having only gained traction in the last few years. These capsules contain a measured dose of cannabis oil, ensuring that the user gets a consistent experience each time. The oil is then quickly absorbed by the stomach and liver, resulting in rapid activation and relief.

These capsules are particularly useful for medicinal users, as they provide a discreet and easy way of consuming cannabis, without the need for smoke or vapor. For those looking for more long-lasting effects, there are also some extended-release capsules available, which can provide relief for up to 12 hours.

Further Development in the Industry

The cannabis industry is now at the beginning of what promises to be a period of rapid growth and innovation. While traditional methods of consumption, such as smoking and edibles, remain as popular as ever, advances in technology are leading to an increasing number of new and exciting products hitting the market.

As the industry continues to develop, it’s likely that we can expect to see further innovations in the area of cannabis delivery. Recent trends, such as the use of cannabinoids in cosmetics, topical creams and lotions, and even soluble powders, all point towards a future where the use of cannabis becomes even more widely accepted and integrated into mainstream society.

Wraping it up

Overall, the future of cannabis delivery has never been more exciting. With new technologies and methods being developed and approved at an ever-increasing rate, we can expect to see an even wider variety of products hitting the market in the near future. Whether it be through devices such as vaporizers and patches, or more traditional products such as edibles, transdermal patches, and capsules, the industry is set for further expansion with new innovations just around the corner.

Ultimately, the development of new and varied delivery methods will only lead to a wider acceptance of cannabis and its associated benefits, as it becomes easier and more convenient for consumers to access their desired experience.


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